Monday, July 9, 2012

BoycottApple: Come on Internet...

#BoycottApple trended on Google+ for nearly the entirety of last week. Google-fans are infuriated at Judge Koh's decision to grant Apple an injunction on the Galaxy Tab 10.1; but more-so at the injunction against Google's flagship device, the Galaxy Nexus in the US. They claim that Apple is stifling innovation with this lawsuit. As such, the BoycottApple hashtag became 'a thing' the last week, prompting numerous posts about how, 'Apple sux' or my favorite version of the hashtag, #FuckApple.

This also seems to have brought out the most il-informed, il-mannered, and just over all repulsive Anti-Apple Fanboys that the internet has ever seen... Attacking every post that has anything to do with Apple with insults. Come on internet... we have a problem here.

Being an Apple fan and an Android fan, I feel a little torn posting things like this, but the behavior of some of the children on G+ has prompted me to.

BoycottApple means absolutely nothing when it is trending on a social media website that is most likely 90% Android users already.

There, I said it. And its true. If it actually meant something, it would trend everywhere, not just on a community of biased smartphone users. You would see it trending on Twitter, you would see news articles on big sites like Gizmodo, Engadget, The Verge, etc... Instead, you only see anything related to it in 3 places; Google+, small-time bloggers (like me) who need something to talk about, and Pro-Apple blogs who need to point out the stupidity of this 'movement'.

The only reason this matters at all, is the fact that it is bringing the ass holes of the internet out. Honestly, when I'm on G+, I feel like I'm browsing 4chan with the number of Anti-Apple users calling Apple users 'fags' and 'ignorant'... Seriously, does that make Android look more appealing? Using words like that to describe people of differing opinion? Come on...

Be sensible please. I don't care if you make Pro-Android posts. I don't care if you make posts pointing out the flaws in iOS devices when compared to Android ones. But will you all stop harassing people so we don't  have to sift through low I.Q. insults anymore?

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